• Canada Goose Women's Parkas

    Canada Goose Women's Parkas

    Canada Goose Down jackets and vests in the innovative Altitude, HyBridge, and Lightweight collections deliver warmth without weight, either as standalone outer pieces in dry high-altitude environments or as insulators under shells from Canada Goose’s new Technical Shell collection.
  • Canada Goose Men's Parkas

    Canada Goose Men's Parkas

    These high-quality materials can be found in a full range of Canada Goose Coats, beginning with the flagship Arctic Collection—parkas, jackets, and pants created for men and women engaged in industrial, commercial, and scientific work in the coldest regions on the planet.
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Life in Canada can be unspeakably cold, and those who live the life demand the highest level of quality and performance from their outerwear. Canada Goose Sale. To ensure quality and craftsmanship worthy of a Canadian winter, every Canada Goose Jacket has been made with pride in Canada since 1957. If it wasn’t made in Canada, it’s not Canadian Goose—it’s as simple as that.

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Canada Goose jackets & coats employ a genuine coyote fur ruff around the hood that provides a level of performance that synthetic products simply cannot match. Canada Goose Outlet. Sustainably harvested by Canadian trappers, coyote fur never freezes, it doesn’t hold water, and the Down Coat creates a windbreak that protects exposed skin on your face.

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Canada Goose relies on decades of industry-leading experience to create blends of down insulation that match the requirements of each jacket. Canada Goose Clearance. Every blend contains some Hutterite down—widely regarded as the highest quality Canadian down available. Why? Higher quality down allows for lighter weight jackets that retain more warmth.

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